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Thanks for checking out our website! Om Vapors was founded in Decemebr 2014 with a simple mission; to make quality, well-tested e-liquid that doesn't break the bank.  All of our e-liquids are carefully crafted to ensure that we provide our customers with the most delicious experience possible.  In addition to this, none of our flavors contain sweeteners and only our tobacco flavors contain trace amounts of di-ketones, the rest are di-ketone free with testing results available at the bottom of the site. Flavorings are sourced strictly from the USA and Europe. 

All of our E-liquids are mixed and bottled in a 400 square foot, clean laboratory environment with 2,000 CFM of airflow. 
We also sell WTA's for customers who want more of a punch than traditional USP nicotine offers. You can find more out about WTA's here.
With Dozens of delicious, affordable flavors you will be sure to find several all day vapes! When you shop with Om you don't have to worry about your wallet, and you can rest assured that your e-liquid will be top notch!
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