Cotton Bacon V2 Organic Cotton(10 Pieces)

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Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick N' Vape Product Description:

Wick N' Vape has hit it out of the park again with their Cotton Bacon V2! If you are looking for the purest cotton for your vaporizer, then look no further than Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick N' Vape. The new and improved version of Wick N' Vape's infamous Cotton Bacon absorbs e-liquid and wick's faster than ever before. Not only does Cotton Bacon V2 perform well. It is made up of the most high-quality cotton that conforms the USP standards for pharmaceutical grade cotton. As well as the CFR's rules for Food Contact Substances. Each bag of cloth comes with ten, four-inch strips and is not only manufactured but grown and sourced in the USA. Say goodbye to the plastic taste that you get from most pieces of cotton and enjoy the pure flavor of your vape juice with the cleanest most durable cotton on the market. When you shop with Wick N' Vape, you are getting unparalleled cleanroom processed cotton in a food-grade, re-sealable travel sized bag. Wick N' Vape is the best value for cotton on the market. You have our word that you will love the way that Cotton Bacon V2 wicks!


Cotton Bacon V2 Product Features:

  • Created by Vapers For Vapers
  • Packaged in A Resealable Travel Sized Bag
  • Clean Tasting Cotton That Provides Enhanced Flavor
  • Pesticide Free, No Impurities, Bleach, or Natural Oils
  • 33% Faster Absorption and Easy Separation
  • Works Perfectly with Any Rda, Rdta, or Replaceable cotton application.
  • Tasteless Wick
  • 100% US Organic Cotton
  • Conforms to USP Standards of Pharmaceutical Cotton and CFR's for Food Contact Substances
  • Each Bag Comes with 10 Strips of Cotton
  • Made and Grown in the United States of America

Each Cotton Bacon V2 Package Includes:

  • 10 X Strips of Organic United States Made Cotton


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Breathe Easy,

Om Vapors

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