Aegis Solo Starter Kit by GeekVape

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Aegis Solo Starter Kit - 100W, Indestructible, Single-Battery Mod, Equipped With GeekVape’s AS-100 chipset.
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GeekVape Aegis Solo Kit

The GeekVape Aegis Solo is the most recent release in an outstanding lineup of Aegis mods. GeekVape seems to have a massive penchant for Greek Mythology, with the Cerberus tank, The Bident, and in general, the entire Aegis line. The name Aegis, in particular, originates from Greek Mythology and is the name of the animal shield skin, affixed with the head of a Gorgon, Athena and Zeus wield that. GeekVape does justice to the legendary indestructibility of the Aegis shield and effortlessly applies that same durability to their revolutionary Aegis series.  

The Aegis solo is no exception and features the same infamous resilience that GeekVape is known for within a compact vape mod constructed from a blend of zinc-aluminum alloy, leather, and SLI Silicon. The word Aegis is etched on to the right side of the device. While the GeekVape brand is engraved on the left side. The zinc-alloy chassis protects the internal AS-100 chipset from water, dust, and shock impact, while the LSI silicone protects the internal circuity while the Solo is submerged in three feet of water or less. Measuring at only 86.4mm(H) X 41.2mm(W) X 31.5(D) and weighs in at 112.5g, the Aegis solo is easy to take with you on the go and grip while vaping due to it’s ergonomic, lightweight design. 

Similar to all of the current mods in the Aegis lineup, the Solo also utilizes GeekVape’s advanced AS-100 chipset, which allows the mod to be operated via temperature or direct wattage control. While the technological architecture of the Aegis Solo is similar to the Aegis Legend, there are a few marked differences. Unlike the Aegis Legend, the Aegis solo operates via a single battery and reaches an output range of 5W-100W. The battery is housed in an insulated door and is inserted into the bottom of the mod. The door features a depressed handle that must be removed special tool that is included within the starter kit. The resistant range of the Solo can go as low as 0.05ohm to 3.00ohm, accomodating a large variety of atomizers. The AS-100 chipset allows for precise temperature control that allows the mod to output temperatures between 200F-600F, allowing you a wide range of temperatures to achieve that perfect, flavorful vape. The Aegis solo can operate in power mode, VPC mode, TC mode, TCR mode, and bypass mode.  Lastly, the Solo mod offers a variety of standard protections such as 10s cut-off protection, short-circuit protection, over-charging + discharging protection, Over-Heat protection, over-current protection, and anti-dry protection.

In addition to the bells and whistles found previous Aegis mods, the Solo also inherits the durability that we are used to and is dustproof, shockproof, and IP67 waterproof. On the front of the mod, there is an intuitive 0.96 OLED screen that displays the current operating mode, wattage/temperature, coil resistance, amperage, voltage, and puff count. Above the screen, you’ll find a satisfying oversized firing button which you can press three times to change operating modes and five times to turn the device on and off. Below the screen is two solidly build adjustment buttons use to turn the wattage up or down. The display screen operates wonderfully, and I experience no lag time or glitches while operating the mod. The Aegis utilized a springloaded 510 connection and can properly seat a tank or RDA that is up to 26mm in diameter. Last but not least, the Solo utilizes a MicroUSB slot covered by a rubber stopper on the right side of the mod used for firmware updates and passthrough charging. 

In addition to the Aegis Solo Mod, GeekVape’s vape starter kit features the Cereberus Vape Tank. The Cerberus tank originally released a few years ago and is constructed from high- quality stainless steel and its dimensions are 25mm(D) X 42mm(H). Like many other sub-ohm tanks, the Cerberus utilizes replaceable mesh coils such as the X2 Super Mesh coils that come with the kit. The Super Mesh X2 are 0.3ohms and rated for 30W-45W. Adding to the Cerberus’ already convenient design, the tank is also compatible with SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Coils as well as the GeekVape’s IM1 and IM4 coils. The capacity of the Cerberus tank is 5.5ml while using the standard bubble glass and 4ml while using the spare glass included within the kit. 

The Cereberus tank features a top-fill three quarter turn design for wash refilling and dual-slotted adjustable airflow located at the bottom of the tank. The tank also comes equipped with a short 810 style drip tip that is replaceable and 510 threading that is compatible with a vast majority of the mods on the market. Most importantly, the tank is easy to disassemble and clean, making maintenance almost effortless.

If you are looking to pick up your next vaporizer, the GeekVape Aegis Solo Kit is a solid choice. Each starter kit comes with one Aegis Solo Mod, one Cerberus 25mm Sub-Ohm Tank Atomizer, two 0.3ohm Super Mesh X2 Coil, one 4mL Spare Glass Tube, one Battery Door Assist Tool, one Spare Parts Pack, one MicroUSB Cable, and a User Manual. Join the vaping revolution and get your GeekVape Aegis Solo Starter Kit today!

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GeekVape Aegis Solo Product Features: 

  • Dimensions: 86.4mm(H) by 41.2mm(W) by 31.5mm(D)

  • Wattage Output Range: 5W-100W

  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm

  • Temperature Range: 100°C-315°C,  200°F-600°F

  • Single High-Amp 18650 Battery - Not Included

  • AS-100 Chipset

  • Zinc-Aluminum Alloy, Leather, and SLI Silicon Chasis Construction

  • Dustproof, Shockproof, and IP67 Waterproofing

  • Power Mode

  • VPC Mode

  • TC Mode

  • TCR Mode

  • Bypass Mode

  • 0.96 OLED Screen with Intuitive Display

  • Oversized Intuitive Firing Button

  • Two Adjustment Buttons

  • Multiple Protections

    • 10s Cut-Off Protection

    • Short-Circuit Protection

    • Over-Charging & Discharging Protection

    • Over-Heat Protection

    • Over-Current Protection

    • Anti-Dry Protection

  • 510 Connection

  • MicroUSB Port

  • Available in Black, Gunmetal, Red, Orange, Blue, Green

GeekVape Cerberus Sub-Ohm Tank Product Features: 

  • 25mm(D) X 42mm(H)

  • 4mL Standard Juice Capacity

  • 5.5mL Bubble Glass Juice Capacity - Pre-Installed

  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction

  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement

  • Super Mesh Coil System

  • 0.3ohm Super Mesh X2 Coil - Rated for 30-45W

    • Best at 30W-40W

  • Compatible with TFV8 Baby Coils

  • Threaded Quarter-Turn Top-Fill Design

  • Dual Slotted Adjustable  Airflow Control at Base

  • Detachable Structure for Easy Maintenance 

  • 510 Connection

  • 8mm Wide Bore Drip Tip

  • Available in Black, Stainless Steel, Rainbow, Gunmetal, Blue

GeekVape Aegis Solo Package Contents

  • 1 X AEGIS SOLO 100W Mod

  • 1 X Cerberus 25mm Sub-Ohm Tank Atomizer

  • 2 X 0.3ohm Super Mesh X2 Coil

  • 1 X 4mL Spare Glass Tube

  • 1 X Battery Door Assist Tool

  • 1 X Spare Parts Pack

  • 1 X MicroUSB Cable

  • 1 X User manual

How To Use The GeekVape Aegis Solo

  1. Pressing the fire button five times turns the mod on and off

  2. Pressing the Fire button three times allows you to browse the menu options, which are:

  • Power Mode - which is wattage based

  • Temperature control - which is based on the coil type

  • Variable Power Curve(VPC) - which allows you to change the output of the device so that you can reduce or increase ramp up time. 

  • Bypass Mode - Which allows the mod to perform at maximum output levels while utilizes the built-in safety features

How To Fill The Cerberus Tank

  1. Unscrew the cap by turning it 90 degrees counterclockwise.

  2. Fill the tank using either of the fill slots.

  3. Reseat the cap by pushing and turning it 90 degrees clockwise

How To Change GeekVape Cerberus Coils

  1. Make sure that the tank is empty

  2. Grip the base of the tank and unscrew the rest of the tank counterclockwise.

  3. Remove your current coil by grabbing it and twisting it counterclockwise

  4. Rinse out the components of the tank using water and dry them completely

  5. Insert the new coil and screw it in clockwise until it is secured tightly within the base of the tank

  6. Reassemble your tank

  7. Let your vape juice sit for five to ten minutes and enjoy!

How To Change the Battery in The Aegis Solo Mod

  1. Unscrew the battery bay door located at the bottom of the tank using either the battery door assist tool or your hands.

  2. Remove the current 18650 battery from your mod, and replace it with a fully charged 18650, making sure to insert the positive terminal first. 

  3. Click the fire button five times to turn the mod back on

GeekVape Aegis Solo Battery Life

If you make use of the Super Mesh X2 coils that come with the Aegis Solo Starter Kit, a single 18650 should last you all day. However, if you operate the device over 45W-50W a majority of the day, there is a good chance that your battery will drain much more quickly. If you vape at a temperature over 75W, the battery drains even faster and, at times, can get a little hot after a few hits. I recommend keeping your wattage below 50W to get the best out of your Aegis Solo.

How To Charge The Aegis Solo

The Aegis Solo can be charged via the 1.5A side slot; however, we recommend using an external battery charger.


Product Warning/User Responsibility


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