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Orange Pineapple Creamsicle E-Juice | Arcadia

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Orange Pineapple Creamsicle
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Product Features

  • Flavor Profile: Orange Pineapple Creamsicle

  • VG to PG Ratio: 75/25

  • Bottle Size: 120 ml

  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 1.5, 3, and 6 mg

  • Childproof dropper cap

  • Ldpe bottle for easy e-liquid dispensing

  • Manufactured in the United States

  • Made with USP Grade Nicotine 99.5%+

  • Kosher Vg and PG

  • Made with American and European flavor concentrates

If you are a fan of the delicious orange creamsicle push-pops endorsed by one of America’s favorite old school cartoon shows, then get ready to treat your tastebuds to our beautifully refined ejuice, Arcadia. Arcadia is similar to our rainbow sherbert vape juice, spectrum but is much more tropical. While this flavor may seem straightforward your senses will be in for a shock when you taste this masterfully crafted blende. When I say that this flavor is smooth it’s an understatement. Arcadia is packed with all types of ice creamy goodness and tangy citrus notes that will take you back to similar times chilling by 90 degree weather, public swimming pools, and grilling out.

On the inhale of Arcadia you taste a sharp citrus note that is a blend of the aforementioned pineapple and orange. The citrus notes are tangy, but also sweet to the taste, leaving your tastebuds ringing after the first draw. Instead of going with a generic orange, Arcadia’s base flavor is a mix of mandarins, blood oranges, and sunkists, that create the perfect trio of like flavors. The sweet acidity of the oranges is parallel to the tart pineapple creating a lovely blend of fruits.  On the exhale, the tangy citrus notes remain, and are rounded out with a light creamy flavor somewhat like a pina colada. At the end of the exhale, the tanginess of the pineapple takes over rounding out the flavor profile, bringing the tropic thunder and then some! Usually it’s hard for such contrasting notes to coexist, but similar to bringing vintage concepts to the present, they work together wonderfully.

In my opinion arcadia is best creamsicle e-juice ever invented. Even though I have an unlimited supply of it, I keep it on rotation and chase clouds like kids. Even though arcadia is technically an ice-cream vape, it is a great flavor that can be used year round. If you are a fan of creamy vape flavors, as well as citrus notes, this will be one that is sure to impress. Arcadia is a very unique vape that you can only find here at Om Vapors.  our Arcadia mix is one to surely bring nostalgia of enjoying a refreshing popsicle under the hot summer sun.

If you haven’t thought about Trying Arcadia, do yourself a favor and try out the best orange creamsicle on the market.

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If you want to enrich the flavor profile of Arcadia further you can add a flavor shot by purchasing our flavor concentrates. Click here to purchase The Arcadia Flavor Concentrate!

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