Om Vapors Cyber Monday Sale!

Quite a few things sold out on Black Friday but we are working hard to restock all of our flavors within the next two weeks.

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Our Cyber Monday is INSANE. We are re-releasing OM Nic Salts for $2.99 a 10 ml and to top it off we still have our $4.99 120 ML deal going on!

Quite a few things sold out. We will have all 42 Flavors Restocked by December 10th.

Lastly, stay tuned for more Om Nic Salt Re-release and a TON of new hardware.

This Sale Ends on 12/31 11:59 P.M. EST

The Coupon Codes Automatically Applies At Checkout!

"Breathe Easy"


Om Nic Salt Re-Release



120 ML Bottles "Starting" at $4.99


Om Express, Om Origins, Om Refresh, Om Reincarnation, and Om Chillers


30 ML - $1.99 

120 ML - $4.99 


Fayette Reserve and Whole Tobacco Alkaloid

30 ML - $3.99

120 ML - $7.99

Umba Vape The Blends Line




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