TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Sub-Ohm Tank by SMOKTech

TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Sub-Ohm Tank by SMOKTech

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Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Sub-Ohm Tank

Smok gives us one of the most customizable mesh coil tanks on the market in the newest version of the TFV8 Baby Beast. Despite its small size, this tank allows the user to incrementally adjust the airflow having 3 different ports, chase the perfect cloud with 7 different coil options, tons of safety features, holds 5 ml of your favorite juice, and it comes in 6 different colors.

With the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 mesh coil tank, smaller is sexy...and oh so capable. At 54 mm tall by 30 mm at its widest point, it is not an unwieldy piece of equipment to add to your favorite mod. Made of stainless steel and reinforced explosion-proof glass, this Baby may be a beast to damage, but it?s a beauty to behold. The design is atypical of other tanks on the market, which helps it stand way above the competition. Forget the sleek, symmetrical body, the clean lines, and welcome in the beautiful curves, the keen metalworking. The beautiful clear glass tank contrasts with the deep jewel-tone colors available for the product while extending to 30 mm wide, 5 mm beyond the 25 mm wide base. A black mouthpiece the black bands which separate the tank from the chassis adds depth of character. Finishing the work of art that is the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 are all the grooves, depressions, and small lines throughout the metalworking. This provides grip, but it also draws the eye over and over because the design is complex and not easy to take in all at once. Like the complicated piece of machinery it is, this tank compels one to study it, to admire it.

Back to the specs. The connection is a gold-plated industry standard 510 thread. The tank fills at the top - it is a rotary style system with a lock button to ensure the juice stays put. Make sure to listen for the distinct ?click? as you close it to ensure the tank is properly sealed. The standard coils that come with the tank use medical grade antibacterial cotton so each pull is flavorful and clean. As previously mentioned, the 3 airflow ports at the bottom of this product, near the heating element, help to keep the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 cool while allowing you to get the exact mouthfeel and cloud size you want!

The biggest selling point of this product is that you can use 7 different style coils with the Baby Beast V2...yeah, 7. For the vapers who understand cloud chasing is less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle, this is a game changer. The standard coil is the 0.2 ohms A2 dual coil rated for 50-80 watts. However, you can choose from the 0.2 ohm K1 quadruple coils rated for 80-130 W, the 0.15 ohm S1 single mesh coil (40-80 W), the 0.15 ohm A3 triple coil (60-100 W), the 0.15 ohm S2 quadruple kanthal coil (30-70 W), the 0.15 ohm K4 octuple coil (50-110 W), and the 0.17 ohm A1 single coil (90-140 W). You can choose from our collection of Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Coils here.

The Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 mesh coil tank is sure to please any serious vaper. It is easily the most customizable tank on the market for its fair price. The Baby Beast V2 also breaks away from the pack with its unorthodox aesthetics which enthrall the beholder. Being compact, durable, beautiful, and customizable, the Baby Beast V2 should be the next tank you purchase.


SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  • 30 mm Diameter X 54 mm Height
  • Base Diameter is 24.5 mm
  • Weight 65 grams
  • 5mL Maximum Juice Capacity - Convex Glass Extension
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • High-Temperature Resistant - Explosion Proof
  • Convenient Top-Fill design with Rotary Swivel
  • Hinge and lock opening and closing
  • Upgraded filling slot that includes larger opening  for easier refilling
  • Triple slotted adjustable airflow at the base of the tank
  • Performance-Grade TFV8 Baby V2 Coil System
  • Antibacterial Medical Cotton
  • 16mm Wide Delrin Widebore Drip Tip - Exclusive Fitment
  • Gold-Plated 510 threading
  • Available in White, Stainless, Black, Blue Prism, Green, Red, and Gold

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Includes:

  • 1 x TFV8 Baby V2 Tank
  • 1 x 0.17ohm Baby V2 A1 Single Coil - rated for 90-140W
  • 1 x 0.2ohm Baby V2 A2 Dual Coil - rated for 50-80W
  • 1 x  Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 x Set of Spare Parts
  • Instructional Manual

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