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Strawberry Ice Cream Cake E-Juice | The Cobra by Om Vapors

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Strawberry Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Cake Crumbs

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The Cobra’s product features are listed below:

  • Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Ice Cream, Cake Crumbs, and Whipped Cream

  • VG to PG Ratio: 75/25

  • Bottle Size: 120 ml

  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 1.5, 3, and 6 mg

  • Childproof dropper cap

  • Ldpe bottle for easy e-liquid dispensing

  • Manufactured in the United States

  • Made with USP Grade Nicotine 99.5%+

  • Kosher Vg and PG

  • Made with American and European Flavor Concentrates

The Cobra is one of those vape flavors that every brand has. There is perhaps no other vape liquid that has been replicated as much as strawberry ice cream vape. However, our version of one of the most popular flavors in the vape world is a much different take than the strawberry and ice cream e-juice that vapers are used to vaping. Instead of settling for the norm we decided to add a twist to this classic profile to make it “Om’s” strawberry vape juice, and not just a generic vape on the market. There are three components to our ice cream and cake e juice that make it truly one of a kind.

The first flavoring that you will notice is the realistic strawberry. Instead of going with a generic candied strawberry that is present in most other strawberry ice cream e-juices, we decided to blend a couple of different strawberry flavors, so that we could replicate, the taste of freshly churned,  gourmet strawberry ice cream. While most strawberry ice and cream cake vapes have an artificial flavor, the smell and taste of The Cobra differ dramatically from the competition. When you taste the strawberry flavoring within The Cobra, it is akin to walking through a field of garden ripe strawberries. This unique blend of fresh fruits is only a small part of what sets The Cobra apart from the other strawberry vapes on the market. In addition to the strawberry, we have added a hint of other fruits that amplify the taste. This blend of special fruits is an excellent start to a very different strawberry and ice cream vape juice. Next, let’s delve into the vanilla bean ice cream flavorings within this juice.

The Creamy notes within the Cobra’s rich flavor profile can best be described as a mix between French Vanilla and Vanilla bean Ice cream. The vanilla mix and form a sweet and silky texture that is delectable! The combination ever so slightly with our proprietary blend of strawberry to create an amazingly delicious strawberry ice cream. However; our strawberry ice cream is just the icing on the foundation of moist birthday cake. The cake crumbs are what truly set The Cobra from our competition. The cake notes within The Cobra are in between a yellow cake and fluffy birthday cake, and add a great deal of body to the blend.

We have here several comparisons from our customers' views on what The Cobra tastes like ranging from the vanilla and strawberry portion of Neapolitan ice cream too,   the strawberry ice cream bars that you can find at your local convenience stores. The most common comparison is that The Cobra tastes like a strawberry shortcake vape juice, and we agree!   Based on my experience during the inhale you taste a bright, fresh strawberry, followed by a milky vanilla ice cream. On the exhale, the magic begins, and you taste a cyclone of cake crumbs, Vanilla bean ice cream, and ripe strawberries.   

Whether you are looking for a classic strawberry and cream taste or looking for a unique flavor to try, we wholeheartedly believe that The Cobra is the best strawberry and ice cream cake vape juice on the market!

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