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Mixed Berry Toaster Strudel E-Juice | The Wild One by Om Vapors

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Wildberry Strudel

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Product Features

Flavor Profile: Wildberry Strudel
VG/PG Ratio:  75 / 25
Bottle Sizes: 30 ML, 120 ML
Bottle Type:  Childproof LDPE
Weight: 8 oz
Nicotine Concentrations: 0, 1.5, 3, and 6 mg

Take a walk on the wild side with our Strudel Vape Juice, The Wild One! The Wild One was originally going to be a cannoli e juice, but since cannoli vape juices were over saturating the market at the time, we decided we could make a super strudel e-liquid instead. I had always loved toaster pastries growing up and still eat them consistently today, so I embarked on creating a gourmet toaster strudel vape.  During the initial stages of building The Wild One we were using a red strawberry jelly as the base flavor for Om’s first attempt at making a strudel e juice. Since many of our tastes already contained strawberry flavoring, wet decided to mix it up a little bit and avoid making a strawberry strudel e-liquid. We settled on a Wildberry Strudel Vape Instead, and it has been one of our staff favorites ever since! The Wild one’s main flavor note is a lovely and slightly tart, delightful candied berry filling. The filling is a balanced mix of Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberries. The next flavor note that you’ll notice is a flaky pie crust; the pie crust, however, isn’t a thick pie crust like you find in any of our pie flavored vape juices. The final and perhaps most important element is the cream cheese icing glaze that adds just the right amount of creamy sweetness to the mix. If you like toaster strudel vape juices, you'll go crazy for the Wild One!

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Wildberry Strudel


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