Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 Profile 24mm Mesh RDA

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Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 Profile 24mm Squonk RDA Description:

The Profile 24mm Squonk RDA is a collaboration between Wotofo and Mr. Justright. Wotofo's and Mr.justright's minimalistic approach is very appealing from the design perspective, and the engineering is out of this world! The design of the Profile RDA is modern, low-key, albeit packed with features. The Profile is constructed from a lightweight but durable stainless steel and measures at the standard 24mm in diameter. In addition to this, the RDA sports a generous 4ml deep juice well, which eliminates the need for constant wicking. Although Rebuildables are usually only meant for the most advanced vapers, the Profile RDA is surprisingly easy to use. To enhance user experience and decrease the time and complexity of creating new builds, the Wotofo Profile RDA features a wide clamp style build deck. 

Each post deck is 7mm x 2mm wide and secured via the side of the RDA using hex screws. The build deck within the RDA is spacious, providing ample room for a generous amount of cotton to help make wicking easier. In addition to this, the Profile RDA features PEEK Insulate positive posts for a secure connection. The Profile's dual clamp building posts allow for tradition coil builds as well as mesh coils. The Profile RDA comes with a clapton coil and a sheet of vape Mesh. The vape mesh is made out of Kanthal, and measures 16mm by 6.8mm so that it fits perfectly in your RDA. The resistance level of Wotofo's Mesh is 0.18 and features an output range of 40W to 60W. The vape mesh that is included with the Wotofo Profile can be bent into place using the included mesh bending tool to create any shape mesh that is practical for your build.

 The Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 RDA also features a spring-loaded central ceramic support platform. The Spring-loaded support platform helps to keep the Wotofo Profile primed and ready to vape, by applying constant pressure to the cotton. The consistent pressure makes sure that the cotton in contact with the mesh wire strip.  

If you have a squonk box mod, you're in luck, as the Profile RDA comes with a 24K Gold-Plated 510 bottom-feeding squonk pin that works flawlessly. If you are using a mesh coil, the bottom-feeding squonk pin helps to push vape juice from your mods juice well through the top of the support deck, keeping your cotton wet and ready to vape.

The Wotofo Profile RDA also features an innovative two-part cap design. The upper portion of the cap features an airflow adjustment chamber while the body of the cap features a beehive style airflow chamber. The upper part of the cap utilizes a three-step airflow adjustment design that can be fully tailored to your vaping style. The main body, which features the beehive style chamber, is genuinely a work of art. The honeycomb section of the cap features a total of 19 airflow slots on each side. Each slot is 1mm wide and line up perfectly with the deck to give you the best airflow possible. The combination of these two airflow mechanisms maximizes vapor production and flavor, creating the best direct-to-lung vaping experience possible. Since many RDA users forget to line up their airflow vents correctly, Wotofo and Mr.Justright1 have designed the Profile RDA with notches on the side of the base of the atomizer to ensure that air is flowing correctly through your atomizer.

As stated earlier, the design of the Profile RDA is very modern and far from flashy. The only signifying marks on the atomizer are Wotofo's logo laser engraved on the top cap portion of the RDA. 

Each Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 Profile RDA comes with a pre-installed 9mm wide-bore 810 Resin drip tip, a Wotofo Profile 24mm RDA, a user manual, 6mm of agleted cotton strips, an extra 810 drip, a bending tool, a clapton oil, 0.18 kanthal mesh coil, and a bag of O-rings. The Profile Squonk RDA comes in stainless steel, black, blue, gunmetal, gold, rainbow, aluminum blue, green, purple, frosted black, frosted clear, Ultem, and for a very limited time, titanium.

As you can see, the Wotofo Profile, RDA is a hell of a deal and packed with features. If you want an RDA that is easy to maintain and performs to the highest standard, the Profile RDA is a must buy. Pick up this revolutionary mesh RDA today!

Please Note:  Each Profile 24mm Squonk RDA comes with a random colored drip tip due to Wotofo and Mr.Justright1’s manufacturing and design processes. The photos that we use on omvapors.com do not represent the variances that you will see in each unit that is purchased. We cannot change out package contents or take request beyond our specified product options. Each unit will be sent out as is and can only be returned due to manufacturer defects that affect performance.

Optional once we get in wotofo mesh coils or OFRF nexMesh coils.

. A new company, https://www.omvapors.com/Cotton-Bacon-V2-Organic-Cotton-By-Wick-N-Vape mesh strips designed specifically for the Profile RDA with the industry's finest micro-weave design that delivers unreal flavor and vapor production. Try this amazing rebuildable atomizer with the Wotofo Mesh Style Coils or OFRF nexMESH coils.

Recommended Accessories For The Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 24mm Squonk RDA:

Demon Killer 8-in-1-Coil Set

Vandy Vape Mesh Wire

Cotton Bacon V2 Organic Cotton

Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 Profile 24mm RDA Product Features: 

  • Collaboration between Mr. Just Right 1

  • 24mm Diameter

  • 4ml Deep Juice Well

  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction

  • Spacious Build Deck

  • Wide Clamp Style Post Deck

    • Each Post Deck is 7mm X 2mm

    • Posts Are Side Secured Via Hex Screws

    • PEEK Insulated Positive Post

    • Wide Terminals for Larger Builds or Leads

  • Interchangeable Mesh and Coil Designs

  • Spring-loaded Central Ceramic Support

  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration

  • Beehive Style Air Slots on Top Cap

    • 19 Airflow Slots Each Side

    • Each Slot is 1mm wide

  • Detachable Structure

  • 9mm Widebore 810 Resin Driptip

  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Bottom Feeding Squonk Pin

  • Available in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Gold, Rainbow, Aluminum Blue, Green, Purple, Frosted Black, Frosted Clear, ULTEM

  • Available in Limited Edition TITANIUM

Wotofo X Mr.Justright1 Profile 24mm RDA Package Contents:

  • 1 X  Wotofo Profile 24mm RDA

  • 1 X User Manual

  • 1 X 6mm Agleted Cotton Strip

  • 1 X Extra 810 Drip Tip

  • 1 X Bending Tool

  • 1 X Clapton Coil

  • 1 X Mesh Style Coil Sheets

    • Kanthal A1

    • 0.18 ohm

    • 16mm by 6.8mm

    • 40 to 60W Recommended Wattage

  • 1 X Bag of O-Rings and Screws

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