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Yocan Cerum

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Product Features:

  • Heating chamber accessory

  • 15-25 watt capacity

  • 0.8 ohm resistance

  • Industry standard 510 thread connector

  • Uses replaceable quartz dual coils


The Yocan Cerum Ceramic Wax Atomizer is the perfect heating chamber accessory to vape dry herbs, waxes, and high viscosity oils. With a 0.8-ohm resistance, a recommended wattage of 15-25,and a 510 thread connector, this atomizer is safe to pair with most vaporizers, but always check your device specs to ensure compatibility. Although the Yocan Atomizer is threaded, there is no messy cleanup! The top tank pulls up from the rest of the accessory for easy cleaning and refilling.

Almost gone are the days of traditional wicks with their poor heating and flavor qualities. Yocan brings us into the next generation with a quartz dual coils which are perfect for heating herbs and waxes. Quartz heats much faster than traditional wicks while providing a pure flavor you’ve never experienced if you haven’t yet tried quartz coils. Once you try the Yocan Cerum, your vaping expectations will be forever altered.

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