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Yocan Cerum Coils

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Product Features:

  • Comes with one coil. Choose from the Following:

  • Quartz dual coil - 0.8 ohm

  • Ceramic donut coil - 0.8 ohm


There are two different replacement coils available for the Yocan Cerum depending on your vaping needs:

Standard is the quartz dual coil rod style replacement which is designed primarily for waxes and high viscosity oils. Quartz coils provide exceptional flavor and fast heating compared to traditional wicks. Having the fastest heating of any coil type, quartz coils are necessary for vapers who prefer a harsher throat hit while experiencing the full taste of the product they vape.

You can also replace your coil with the ceramic donut. This optional replacement coil is an excellent choice for vaping dry herbs, and it still is great for waxes and high viscosity oils. Although it has a slower heating time than the standard quartz dual coils, it has superior heat retention while producing the best flavor of any product on the market. Patience truly is a virtue!

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