Aspire Nautilus 2 MTL Top-Fill Tank
Aspire Nautilus 2 MTL Top-Fill Tank

Aspire Nautilus 2 MTL Top-Fill Tank

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Aspire Nautilus 2 - MTL Top-Fill Vape Tank
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Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank

The Aspire Nautilus 2 is a fantastic MTL Vape Tank that is a terrific successor to the original. Since its inception in 2013, Aspire's Nautilus series has been a staple among vapers. Continuing upon the tradition of creating high-quality vape mods, tanks, and starter kit, the Nautilus 2 does not disappoint. The Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus mini were two of Aspire's most popular tanks and have received universal praise around the world. So how does the Nautilus 2 differ from the original? Read below to find out.

Upon opening the box, the first thing that you will notice about the Aspire Nautilus 2  is its sleek minimalist design. The Nautilus 2 features a superbly crafted frame constructed from stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean. it's also compact and easy to carry around measuring in at a sleek 53mm(H) X 22mm(D). Aspire's Nautilus 2 is also available in a variety of colorways, including stainless steel, grey and red for the maximum customization. The colors that the Aspire Nautilus 2 is open in are far from groundbreaking, but when you par it with the minimalist design of the Nautilus 2, you?ve got a winner! The transparent circular window on the front of the tank not only distinguishes the Nautilus 2 from its competition but acts as a functional viewing window allowing vapers to check their e-juice levels quickly. 

The main thing that sets the Nautilus 2 apart from the previously released Nautilus and many other vape tanks is the two different body materials available. The stainless steel version of the Nautilus two is constructed from  304 stainless steel and is not painted to showcase the natural gleam the stainless steel gives off. The red and gray version, on the other hand, are made from an anodized aluminum alloy that offers amazing rust and corrosion protection. No matter the version you choose, the Nautilus 2 tank is a high-quality tank built for the long run.

While the Nautilus 2 features sub-ohm coils at heart is an MTL tank. The tank's reservoir features a 2ml vape juice capacity, and while that may not seem like enough, the low-powered output of the tank makes it less of a juice hog than many of the sizeable 5ml capacity sub-ohm tanks. The tube containing the e-liquid is made up of reinforced Pyrex glass that can, is resistant to being cracked by juices that include lemon and other flavors known to break vape tanks. In addition to its durability, the pyrex provides a much cleaner tasting vape. The purer taste is due to the lack of melting plastic present in your e-liquid. What's even more amazing about the glass tube is that it is protected within the metal sleeve of the tank, preventing any shattering that may occur. 

Aspire also equipped the Nautilus 2 with an intelligent top-fill design that prevents much of the hassle of dissembling your tank to refill it. Unhinge the metal sleeve and fill your tank to at least the minimum fill line, and you are good to go! The top-fill design eliminates and spillage that may happen and allows you to get back to vaping easier and faster than ever before.

The Mouthpiece of the Nautilus 2 also features a shortened chimney that significantly improves flavor while vaping. The base of the tank features a standard 510 connection and adjustable airflow control at the bottom of the tank. The adjustable airflow is an improvement from the original allow you to tune your airflow to your desired setting and, by rotating the adjustable wheel at the bottom of the tank. The adjustable airflow allows for as tight or as loose of a hit as you would like based on your preferred vaping preferences. Adjusting the airflow intake will enable you to reduce flooding and gurgling that may occur after switching e-liquid or refilling your tank. 

Perhaps the most significant thing about the Nautilus series of tanks is that the BVC coil family features cross-compatibility with all versions. In addition to this, each component of the Nautilus 2 can be removed from one another. The ease of disassembly allows you to clean and troubleshoot your tank easily. The 510 drip tip is also replaceable allowing you many ways to customize your vaping experience

The Aspire Nautilus 2 comes with one Nautilus 2 Tank, a 0.7ohm Kanthal Coil( Pre-installed), a 1.8ohm Kanthal Coi, a Spare Pyrex Glass Tank, Spare O-rings, a Spare Drip Tips, and an aspire Nautilus user manual. If you are looking to upgrade from the original Nautilus or need a new MTL tank, the Aspire Nautilus 2 is a great choice. Pick one up today from Om Vapors!

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Aspire Nautilus 2 MTL Tank Product Features: 

  • 53mm(H) X 22mm(D)

  • 2ml Vape Juice Capacity

  • Clear Window To View Vape Juice Levels

  • MTL Draw

  • 22mm Diameter Tank

  • Superb Stainless Steel Constructed Frame

  • Reinforced Pyrex Glass Tube 

  • Metal Sleeve Structure

  • Convenient Top-Fill Design - Enabled by Unscrewing Metal Sleeve

  • Shortened Chimney For Improved Flavor

  • Available in Stainless Steel and Anodized  Aluminum Finishes

  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control

  • 510 Threaded Connection

  • Bottom Fill Coil(BVC) Technology

  • Sleek Compact Profile

  • All coils are Interchangeable with the other Nautilus Series Tank

  • Available Colors: Stainless Steel, Grey, and Red

Aspire Nautilus 2 MTL Top-Fill Tank Package Contents:

  • 1 X Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank

  • 1 X 0.7ohm Kanthal Coil( Pre-installed) - Rated for 18W-23W 

  • 1 X 1.8ohm Kanthal Coil - Rated for 10W-14W or 4.2V-5.0V

  • 1 X Spare Pyrex Glass Tank

  • Spare O-rings

  • Spare Drip Tip

  • 1 X User Manual

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