Blueberry Funnel Cake E-Juice 100ml - Famous Fair Vape Juice
Blueberry Funnel Cake E-Juice 100ml - Famous Fair Vape Juice

Blueberry Funnel Cake E-Juice 100ml - Famous Fair Vape Juice

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Famous Fair E-liquids - Blueberry Funnel Cake E-Juice 100 ml
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Famous Fair Blueberry Funnel Cake 100ml E-juice 

I enjoy carnivals, but even if you don?t enjoy the hypnotic music and haphazard rides as much as I do, one thing everyone can come to an agreeance. Funnel cake is absolutely delicious! There is something extra satisfying about taking a huge bite out of heavily sugared, deep-fried starch. Is it sugar? The texture of the crisp but gooey dough? The excitement of indulging in a greasy pleasure once a year? For me, it's all three! !Luckily for us vapers, Famous fair came in and filled a void with their Blueberry Funnel Cake E-juice. Now you can get the amazing flavor of funnel cake all year, without the calories.

Before Famous Fair, I can't recall vaping any other funnel cake e-liquids, so they are truly one of a kind. When I delve deeper into the company's history, I discovered that Famous Fair is manufactured by none other than One Hit Wonder. While traditional fried funnel cakes covered with sugary glaze are amazing, I appreciate the extra twist that Famous Fair threw into the mix.

Famous Fair's Blueberry Funnel Cake E-liquid is the real deal and jam-packed with flavor. Upon opening the bottle, you'll smell a strong scent of sugary fried dough and freshly picked blueberries, reminiscent of fun summer nights. Your mind will race back about the fun memories that you had, such as peeing your pants when a bolt fell out of the Ferris wheel ? getting a concussion from the mirrors in the haunted house. The best of all, spending hundreds of dollars to win a $10 teddy bear. Oh, what fun times! All jokes aside, this is one hell of a vape juice!

The only vape juices that I have tested previously that you can compare to the taste of funnel cake are donut e-juices. However, there is a crisp, fried note that is present in this e-juice that I have never tasted before. 
Blueberry Funnel Cake's flavor profile is pretty straight-forward. it's a combination of crispy fried dough with candied blueberries, sprinkled heavily with a powdered sugar glaze. 

On the inhale you get a ripe sugary blueberry, crispy dough followed quietly by a faint cinnamon flavor. The cinnamon in the mix is barely noticeable and compliments the sweet doughy notes in the amazingly. The blueberries meld well with the flavor of the deep-fried dough, providing exceptional flavor from start to finish. 

During the exhale, the flavor of fried dough becomes more apparent, and the taste of blueberries slides into the background of the blend.

All Famous Fair E-liquids are manufactured by One Hit Wonder, including Blueberry Funnel cake are salt-based. Blueberry Funnel cake specifically uses Trunic 2.0 Salts. Nic salts are used in Famous Fair E-liquids not only just to lessen the throat hit, but to increase the shelf life and longevity of their e-liquids.

Blueberry Funnel Cake is great for vapers that love rich bakery flavors. The fried dough notes and sweet blueberries are spot on and will make you taste buds to new heights. Famous Fair's Blueberry Funnel Cake E-liquid comes in a tamper-proof chubby gorilla bottle and is available in 0, 3, and 6 mg nicotine concentrations. Pick up a 100ml bottle of Blueberry Funnel Cake today!

Please Note: This product is not intended for use in a pod system. This product is only intended for use in a tank or atomizer. Although this product contains 3mg of nicotine salt, it is not a ?high nicotine salt? product, and thus should not be used in a pod system device. If you have any questions, please don?t hesitate to contact us.

This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm.

Blueberry Funnel Cake by Famous Fair E-liquid Product Features:

  • Flavor Profile: Funnel Cake, Blueberries, and Sugary GlazeVG to PG Ratio: 70/30, 20% Pg Based flavoring
  • Bottle Size: 100 ml
  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 3, and 6 mg
  • PET Chubby Gorilla Bottle
  • Childproof dropper cap
  • Tamper Proof Seal
  • Created in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Made with Trunic 2.0 Nicotine Salts

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