Geekvape Bident Replacement Pods - 2 Pack
Geekvape Bident Replacement Pods - 2 Pack

Geekvape Bident Replacement Pods - 2 Pack

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Geekvape Bident Replacement Pods - 2 Pack, Nichrome, Dual Coil Design
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GeekVape Bident Replacement Pods

The GeekVape Bident Replacement Pods are specialized cartridges meant for GeekVape's revolutionary pod system The Bident. Each pod sports a 3.5ml capacity, and its coils are made from nichrome wicked with organic cotton. Unlike many other pod systems, the Replacement Cartridges for the Bident feature a patent-pending dual coil design available in 0.8ohms and 1.2ohms varieties. The 0.8ohm version of the Bident Coils is meant for direct to lung vaping, while the 1.2ohm coils are intended for mouth to lung vaping. Refilling the coils is mess-free and straightforward due to the Bident utilizing a bottom fill design that is contained by a silicone dropper. Each Pod is good for at least five refills and easily clicks in and out of the Bidents system using GeekVape's intelligently designed snap-in pod connection. Pick up a two-pack of replacement coils for the GeekVape Bident today!

How To Refill GeekVape Bident Pods

  1. Remove the Pod from the Bident device.

  2. Hold the Pod with the plug facing upwards and remove the silicone plug.

  3. Insert the tip of your e-juice bottle into the Pod and fill it with e-liquid being careful not to spill any.

  4. Plug the hole with the silicone stopper

  5. Wipe down the connections on the Bident's battery and Pod using a q-tip or paper towel

  6. Insert the pod into the device, making sure that it clicks into place.

  7. Let the Pod sit for 5-10 minutes and enjoy!

GeekVape Bident Pod Wattages

The wattages produced at each power setting for the bident coils are listed below.


N80 0.8ohm coil

  • 3.4V = 15.5W

  • 3.6V = 16.2W

  • 3.8V = 18W


N80 1.2ohm Coil

  • 3.4V = 9.6W

  • 3.6V = 10.8W

  • 3.8V = 12W

How To Replace GeekVape Bident Pod Coils


Please Note: The Geekvape Bident Pods are not designed to be re-wicked. Doing so may void the warranty and can be dangerous if you are an inexperienced user. For this, we do not recommend this, and any information that we provide on how to replace the coils within your Bident pod is purely meant for informational purposes.


Although it is not worth the trouble, you can rebuild your Geekvape Bident Coils. Below I will address the three issues commonly associated with doing so.


Issue 1: You have to break the Pod to access the coils. 

This is not true. There are four spaces around the bottom of the coil. Using a screwdriver, you can pry them apart if you try to separate them from the bottom. You can't get to the coils without breaking the Pod ? FALSE

You can, and there are four little gaps around the bottom.

Issue 2: The Coils cannot be changed. This is also not true. Although the coils are permanently housed within the Pod, they can be replaced. In order to replace the pods, you will have to dismantle them, including the terminal fully. However, in order for the coil to work, you need to get the resistance right. If you have never used a rebuildable mod, I suggest you get some practice before attempting this. If you do manage to get the coil in, do not dry fire it until the wick is wet, or you may melt the plastic on the Pod. 

Issue 3: The Coils cannot be wicked once assembled. This is partially true if you're not up for a challenge. Unfortunately, the coil can not be primed, or you'll run the risk of melting the Pod.

In order to wick the coils, you need to carefully remove the remaining cotton using tweezers or any other small instrument and then rinse them off with distilled water. Before you put cotton through your coils, it is important to make sure that they are completely dry.

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