Guava Pastry E-Juice 100ml - Zen by Om Vapors
Guava Pastry E-Juice 100ml - Zen by Om Vapors

Guava Pastry E-Juice 100ml - Zen by Om Vapors

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Guava, Cheesecake, and Pastry

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Guava Pastry Vape Juice Zen - Crafted by Om Vapors

Zen is another unique creation from the Om Team! It is a Guava Pastry E Juice that will not disappoint. Many of you are probably confused by what guava is, just like I was before I ever tried one.

Guavas are a tropical fruit that is native to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean but are now grown in southern Florida and other areas as well.  They can be sweet or sour, and taste like a blend between a pear and strawberry.

The first had Guava Pastry that I had was at a friend's house in middle school who was from Cuba, once he moved I didn't have them again until college. Being the foodie that I am, one day, when I was looking for a new place to eat, I stumbled upon a Cuba restaurant called Old San Juan. I picked up a Cuban sandwich and noticed that they had guava pastillos for sale. I bought all five that were left and thanked the kind woman who was working the register.

When I arrived back at my apartment, I bit into the flaky glazed crust and was excited to know that these were the best guava pastries that I had ever had! Fast forward three years later, and were are trying our best to get this into vape form.

The main flavor note in Zen is a very sweet and juicy ripe Guava with a few complementary flavors added in small amounts to bring out that sugary candied guava taste that the dessert is known for having. On the back end of the guava, you will notice a slight cream cheese flavor that balances out the overwhelming taste of guava, forming a cheesecake type taste.

The secondary flavor notes are a warm, flaky crust with a light glaze icing that brings the flavor profile of Zen together. The end product is like a tropical version of our om express line's Wild one!

I think that Zen is one of the top 5 vapes that I have created. Whether you grew up eating guava pastries or are just now find them enticing after my story, you'll be impressed by this Guava Pastry E-Liquid!

Zen's product features are listed below:

  • Flavor Profile: Guava, Cream Cheese, Flaky Pastry Crust, and Icing

  • VG to PG Ratio: 75/25

  • Bottle Size: 100 ml

  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 1.5, 3, and 6 mg

  • Childproof dropper cap

  • Ldpe bottle for easy e-liquid dispensing

  • Manufactured in the United States

  • Made with USP Grade Nicotine 99.5%+

  • Kosher Vg and PG

  • Made with American and European Flavor Concentrates

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