Ice Menthol Tobacco Alkaloid E-Juice - Chill by Umba Vape
Ice Menthol Tobacco Alkaloid E-Juice - Chill by Umba Vape

Ice Menthol Tobacco Alkaloid E-Juice - Chill by Umba Vape

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Ice Menthol Tobacco WTA E-liquid - Chill by Umba Vape

What's colder than a polar bear's toenails?? Our Ice Menthol Tobacco Alkaloid E-juice Chill, that's what! There I go talking that shit again, oh well! :) Before I digress further, let me talk about the coldest vape juice on the block Chill. Similar to its sibling, our tobacco alkaloid vape juice True, Chill was designed for those smokers that prefer the taste of the vice that they love to hate cigarettes.

While True mimics a plain tobacco taste, Chill is an attempt and replicating an even more controversial substance, menthol cigarettes.

The main differences between True and Pure, however, are the lack of smokiness and the addition of menthol to our proprietary tobacco blend. Instead of capturing the burning taste of tobacco, we wanted to replicate the taste of a freshly lit menthol cigarette. 

The first thing that you will notice when vaping Chill is the cold rush of menthol during the inhale, followed by a blend of Virginia, Oriental, and Burley tobacco. On the exhale, the cooling sensation remains and the taste of tobacco subsidies. Your taste buds are left frozen with vapor that's more frigid than an Antarctic breeze, and the addition of tobacco alkaloids helps provide an analog effect similar to traditional cigarettes.

The electrifying flavor and accuracy of Chill, paired with our WTA's are a hard combination to beat. If you're looking for the closest tasting vape too a menthol cigarette, you?ve found it. If you're into menthol cigarettes, Chill will help make your transition to vaping Smooth. Pick up a 100ml bottle of Chill today, in our minds. There is no better substitute for your soon to be old habit. Stay chill and ?Breathe Easy? Om Fam!

Our Ice Menthol Tobacco Alkaloid E-liquid Product Features Are Listed Below:


  • Flavor Profile: Tobacco and Menthol

  • VG to PG Ratio: 70/30

  • Bottle Size: 10ml, 120 ml

  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 1.5, 3, 6 mg 

  • Childproof dropper cap

  • Pet Chubby Gorilla

  • Manufactured in the United States

  • Made with WTA  Nicotine 95% nicotine and 5% trace alkaloids

  • Kosher Vg and PG

  • Made with American and European Flavor Concentrates

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