Strawberry Jam Monster Vape Juice 100 ml
Strawberry Jam Monster Vape Juice 100 ml

Strawberry Jam Monster Vape Juice 100 ml

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Jam Monster - Strawberry Jam Vape Juice 100 ml
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Strawberry Jam Monster Vape Juice 100 ml

Strawberry Jam Monster is another amazing vape juice from Monster Vape Labs. Strawberry Jam is one of the O.G. releases from Jam Monster that quickly took the vape world by storm. While many e-liquids have changed consumer preferences for vape flavors, this one right here is special.

First off, Jam Monster Strawberry was one of the last strawberry vape juices to become famous. In an industry where everyone has their strawberry and cream or strawberry hard candy flavor standing out is hard to do. I don?t know how Jam Monster made the impression that it did on the vape community, but they had to get something right! In addition to this, the vape industry is rather trendy, and for Jam Monster's Strawberry e-juice to have the staying power that it currently has is simply amazing!

While complex, exotic blends of e-liquid were the norm, Jam Monster filled a niche. Instead of thinking of outlandish flavor combinations that may or may not work well together, they accessed a wide gap in the market. As many of you know, picking out a good e-liquid can be tough! The flavor names and complex flavor combinations can be an overwhelming even for veteran vapers, but when you have an easy to understand the product, inclusive of most people's needs and wants you to have a smash hit!
Strawberry is one of the most popular flavors of vape juice, and Monster Vape Labs took notice and created a fantastic e-juice with a twist. Instead of your typical creamy strawberry e-juice or plain strawberry, Strawberry

Jam Monster is a richly flavored Jam e-liquid. Let me break down the genius of the Jam Monster Strawberry below.
Since strawberries are one of the most popular fruits on the planet and everyone loves sweets without the calories, that makes this juice an instant winner. The sugary properties of the Jelly combine with the ripe strawberry flavorings creating a delightful mix that can be vaped again. you'll be screaming in terror at how amazing Strawberry Jam Monster is. The secret to making an e-juice this great isn't based on any underworldly sacrifice but expert mixology. 

Whole Strawberry Jam Monster is a unique e-liquid that introduces new elements to the vape world. It is still a flavor that many vapers can understand. The similarities between Strawberry Jam monster and the other flavors that they carry are vast, but each variety has a personality(or two of its own. The sweetness of the Jam and fresh Strawberry flavors are there in abundance, and the buttered toast undertones are to die for! 
Each bottle of Jam Monster's Strawberry e-juice is 50% jelly, 25% toast, and 25% butter. The main difference between the originals is that the sweetness of the Jelly works well with the strawberry and butter creating a relatively savory blend. 

As soon as you tear the tamper seal and rip the cap off of this fantastic vape juice, you'll catch a whiff of sweet strawberry jelly and salty butter. The smell of Jam Monster's Strawberry and the actual food are so similar that you would swear that Monster Labs used a forbidden ritual to squeeze the lifeblood out of the strawberries themselves. Although Jam Monster's Strawberry Jam smells terrific, tastes can vary from person to person. Luckily for us, this is nearly universally praised e-liquid. 

From the first to the last hit Strawberry Jam Monster will latch its fangs deep into your soul.  During the inhale, you'll taste ripe strawberry jelly and buttered toast. The toast in this one is slightly more subtle than the previous versions due to the strong flavor of strawberry, but it's still noticeable. As with Jam Monsters, other Jam e-liquids the Jelly hits your taste buds first and is very natural tasting and sweet. The toast is light and crispy and in the background of the mix. About halfway through the inhale, the Jam begins to come more to the forefront, and the toast becomes slightly less noticeable. At the end of the inhale, the flavors meld together for an even mix of strawberry and toasty goodness. The high V.G. ratio allows for massive flavourful clouds that linger and eventually leave behind the scent of baked goods. 

Strawberry Jam Monster is an excellent e-liquid for that you can indulge in after breakfast or during the day! Whatever the time, maybe when you choose to vape Jam Monster Strawberry is always an excellent choice! Jam Monster's Strawberry was one of the first Jam flavored e-liquid released, and that alone makes it revolutionary. The strawberries are flavorful, and natural tasting, and the Jam provides a very satisfying sugary taste. The best part about Strawberry Jam Monster is that the sweetener adds a lot of body to the mix and is accessible on the coils compared to many mainstream e-juices. The 75/25, VG/PG ratio works well with a majority of mid-range to high-powered coil builds and produces thick clouds of flavorful vapor. Even though Jam Monster's Strawberry is a certified all day vape, you should never substitute it for real food! 

Strawberry Jam Monster is available for purchase in 100 ml chubby gorilla bottles. Each bottle is secured with a tamper-evident childproof lid and expertly crafted in the United States by Triton Distribution located in Richardson, Texas. Grab a 100 ml bottle of  Jam Monster's Strawberry Jam today, for only $14.99! you'll soon understand why Monster Labs exclaims that their ?P.B. and Jam Is So Good it's that scary!? 

Caution: Please remember that it's inappropriate to refer to Jam Monster Strawberry as a sacred elixir made from the blood of strawberries. Vape on Om Fam!

Strawberry Jam Monster Vape Juice Product Features:

  • Flavor Profile: 50% Strawberry Jam, 25% Butter, 25% Toast
  • V.G. to P.G. Ratio: 75/25
  • Bottle Size: 100 ml
  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 3, and 6 mg
  • PET Chubby Gorilla Bottle
  • Childproof dropper cap
  • Tamper Proof Seal
  • Manufactured in the USA by Triton Distribution in Richardson, Texas

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