Kanboro Tech Subdab Pro Portable Enail
Kanboro Tech Subdab Pro Portable Enail

Kanboro Tech Subdab Pro Portable Enail

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Kanboro Tech Subdab Pro Portable Enail

Kanborotech's Subdab Pro Portable Enail Kit is an all-in-one mod we offer specifically for the dabbers out there. People new to wax concentrates will often go to vape pen style products rather than enails, primarily because pens are much more portable. Enails, especially the Subdab Pro Portable, truly draw out the very best of your waxes and other high viscosity oils. Just like its name, the Subdab Pro Portable Enail kit is...well, PORTABLE! While it won't fit into every person's pocket, you can take this enail with you on your travels and fully enjoy your dabs without skimping on flavor or the quality of your hit. The ceramic nail and glass adapter allows for high-temperature thresholds perfect for heating waxes as they should be so users get the full benefit of their product. Additionally, the heat time for this product is only 10 seconds! The ceramic nail is great for heat retention too, so there is minimal waiting between hits, and the quality of one hit to another will not vary. The airflow valve and mouthpiece allow you to get a tight, comfortable mouth seal without the risk of burns as is too common with other sub-quality products. Enails have the added benefit of maximizing the battery capacity as opposed to vape pens designed for use with waxes. The battery that comes standard with the Subdab Pro Portable enail is a high capacity 18650 battery with a power output of 80-120 watts and the charge lasts for hours of use. Charging your device from 0-100% takes about 2 hours, and the USB charging cable is included in the product. Finally, the body design and spoon that comes with this all-in-one kit not only allows you to use a very small portion of your dab but allows for easy cleaning and refilling. Nobody likes wasting product or time, so we offer you this device that does neither. For those who wish to take their waxes to the next level, try this enail system rather than the vape pen you've used in the past. Vape pens can take you to the clouds, but Kanborotech's Subdab Pro Portable Enail will take you to the stars, or maybe even Nirvana. Breath Easy, Om Vapors.

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