Rocket Man E-Juice 100ml - One Hit Wonder E-liquid
Rocket Man E-Juice 100ml - One Hit Wonder E-liquid

Rocket Man E-Juice 100ml - One Hit Wonder E-liquid

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One Hit Wonder Rocket Man 100 ml - Blueberry Parfait Vape Juice
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One Hit Wonder Rocket Man Vape Juice

One Hit Wonder is back with another smash hit! One Hit Wonders Vape Juice, Rocket Man, is one small step for One Hit Wonder and a big leap for the vape industry. Rocket Man, just like all of One Hit Wonder's other iconic vape juices are hand-crafted in Los Angeles by some of the best mixologists in the vape industry. While Rocket Man's predecessor The Man, is a strawberry and cream liquid, Rocket Man falls on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Rocket Man's flavor profile is a thick and creamy, Blueberry Parfait e-liquid that is out of this world. While many similar vape flavors only focus on the creamy and fruity aspects of a blend, Rocket Man shoots for the moon by combining the bakery notes of granola, with the delicious tartness of Greek yogurt. The blueberry notes are bright and natural and resemble the fresh tasting of blueberries, rather than a candied flavor found in our creations such as the Balance. The flavor is cheesecake-esque and similar, the dessert yogurt cups that you purchase at the grocery store.

During the inhale, you get a strong blueberry taste that hits your taste buds with the force of one thousand Newtons. Make no doubt about it; the blueberry flavoring in this vape juice is robust, but not overbearing.  The best way that I could describe the blueberry flavor is as a blueberry puree. The aftertaste of the blueberry is refreshing and ripe. Slightly below the taste of the blueberry is a tart greek yogurt that compliments the blueberry immensely. Finally, the granola brings the flavor full orbit as the flavors moonwalk on your taste buds. 

During the exhale, the blueberry flavoring remains but is overpowered by the yogurt and granola until it slowly fades into the stratosphere.

Like all other One Hit Wonder vape juices, Rocket Man uses a Trunic 2.0 Salts. The use of nic salts causes OHW vapes to have a much more subtle throat hit and longer shelf life.

One Hit Wonder's Rocket Man Vape juice is excellent for custard lovers and vapers that enjoy blueberry alike. Rocket Man comes in a tamper-proof 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and is available in 0, 3, and 6 mg nicotine concentrations. Pick up a bottle today of this blueberry parfait e-juice!

Please Note: This product is not intended for use in a pod system. This product is only intended for use in a tank or atomizer. Although this product contains 3mg of nicotine salt, it is not a ?high nicotine salt? product, and thus should not be used in a pod system device. If you have any questions, please don?t hesitate to contact us.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm.

One Hit Wonder Rocket Man E-juice Product Features:

  • Flavor Profile: Blueberry, Greek Yogurt, and Granola
  • VG to PG Ratio: 80/20, 20 Percent PG Based Flavorings
  • Bottle Size: 100 ml
  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 3, and 6 mg
  • PET Chubby Gorilla Bottle
  • Childproof dropper cap
  • Tamper Proof Seal
  • Created in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Made with Trunic 2.0 Nicotine Salts

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