TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Replacement Coils by SMOKTech
Baby V2 A1

TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Replacement Coils by SMOKTech

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Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 Replacement Coil Product Description:

Om Vapors has the replacement coils you need for the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2. Although there are 7 primary coil types on the market for this product, there are only 3 different ohm ratings, and we carry a coil from each different rating.

First is the standard 0.2 ohm A2 dual coil rated for 50-80 W. This is the standard coil for the Baby Beast V2 because it is the longest lasting coil, using a lower wattage than the other options, but also delivers excellent flavor and nice clouds. it's truly the most balanced of the options, and the most economical. Being a longer lasting, lower wattage coil, don?t assume this baby can't deliver fat clouds. The Baby Beast V2 is for those sub ohm cloud chasers who like em BIG! This coil will still deliver those fat clouds while hitting those taste buds just right.

Second is the 0.17-ohm A1 single coil rated for 90-140 W. This coil heats fast and produces the thickest, fattest clouds of all the coils offered by Om Vapors. Perfect for the cloud chasers who like a harsher, hotter mouthfeel, and also great for ninjas who need to create a smoke screen to quickly disappear from awkward social engagements. Set this coil to a lower wattage to extend its life and get more flavor at the same time should you feel escape is unnecessary.

The third is the 0.15 ohm A3 triple coil rated for 60-100 W. The extra coils will help wick up the e-juice better than a single coil, and the higher wattage will smoke it up! Not quite as hot as the A1 single coil, this slightly lower wattage coil is great for someone wanting to make some fluffy clouds without as harsh or hot a mouthfeel. Running at a lower wattage, the flavor is still great to boot.

All the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast V2 replacement coils are made with medical grade antibacterial cotton and have mesh covering the cotton for quick and even heating while allowing optimal air flow. Regardless of which coil you prefer, stay stocked up to keep that Baby Beast V2 firing all day, every day!


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