Suorin Vagon Starter Kit
Suorin Vagon Starter Kit

Suorin Vagon Starter Kit

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Suorin Vagon Starter Kit

If you're looking to buy a pod mod that pairs perfectly with nic salt e-juices look no further than the Suorin Vagon. It is ultra-portable with size and shape reminiscent of a thumb drive, measuring 105mm x 20mm x 15mm (barely over 4 inches long and almost an inch wide) which means you can carry it in any pants pocket, a shirt pocket, or a small clasp. Built into the body is a handy clip feature which is a big portability upgrade when comparing this device to other pod mods. No digging through deep pockets or hunting for your vape device with the Vagon, and fewer worries about your pod mod being damaged by keys, a lipstick, or other such small items that tend to get crammed into purses and pants legs.

Despite its size, the Suorin Vagon is easy to hold, with its slender, curving design that is comfortably held onto with the fingertips. It comes in a variety of bold, fun colors, and it is one of the simplest devices on the market having just 2 pieces, the body, and the Suorin Vagon replacement pod cartridge. There are no annoying buttons or switches as it features a draw activated delivery system that is ready when you are. Plus, the micro-USB charging port is built into the side of the device along the bottom so as not to impact the natural contouring of the body. Batteries and charging are not issues with this device either, as the Vagon has a built-in 430mAh battery with a V-shaped LED indicator on the top side of the mod. With an easily accessible micro-USB port built into the side,

Speaking of the draw, the Suorin Vagon delivers a high quality hit from such a simple, inexpensive device. Rather than drawing from the top corner of the device, like with the Suorin Air, the mouthpiece built into the pod is more ergonomic. It is located at the top center and narrows from the bottom of the cartridge to the top, fitting neatly with your lips allowing you to create a tight seal. Another surprise with this low wattage device is the mouth to lung (MTL) draw will consistently produce thick clouds from the big pulls you take. The Vagon's 1.3-1.4ohm resistance helps deliver controlled nicotine dosages, so you don't need to chain vape as 5-10 puffs will satiate most cravings. Refilling is easy too, as the cartridge neatly separates from the body, allowing you to simply remove the rubber stopper and pour in up to 2ml of e juice. Each pod lasts for 5 refills before needing to be replaced.

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