Caliburn Pod System by Uwell - 11W Starter Kit
Caliburn Pod System by Uwell - 11W Starter Kit

Caliburn Pod System by Uwell - 11W Starter Kit

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The Uwell Caliburn is a sleek pen-style pod system vaporizer, equipped with a 520mAh battery and an 11 Watt output. The pods are replaceable and feature Uwell's patented Pro-FCO technology which output unprecedented flavor. The pods have a 2ml capacity and snap-in via a gold-plated magnetic connection. The Caliburn is considered one of the best Pod Sytems ever created.
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Uwell Caliburn 11W Pod System Description:

The Uwell Caliburn 11W Pod system is Uwell's latest attempt at creating the perfect pod system vaporizers. It does not disappoint! The Caliburn features an amazingly crafted body that puts other pod systems to shame by combining stylishness, power, and performance in an easy to use refillable pod system. The Caliburn features a comprehensive all-in-one pod design that utilizes Uwell's proprietary Pro-FOCS flavor technology to ensure the most flavorful draws possible. 


The Pro-FOCS flavor technology works by recycling hits from the Caliburn through that atomizer. The recycling of the flavor condenser that vapor to provide a much richer flavor experience. In addition to cycling the flavor through the atomizer, the Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology controls the temperature of the vape and quality of the materials providing a fantastic vape. 


The chassis of Uwell's newest pod system is made up of a resilient aluminum alloy that feels sturdy in hand. The Caliburn with a pod installed measures at a sleek 110mm X 21.2mm X 11.6mm, which makes it easy to transport but hard to lose, unlike another notorious pre-filled pod system that rhymes with fool. Within the body of the Caliburn, you'll find a powerful integrated 520mAh battery that should last up to twenty-four hours for even the heaviest of vapers. The Caliburn's battery has a maximum output of 11W and produces a massive amount of flavor and vapor for such a compact device. The operating voltage of the Caliburn is 3.2V to 4.0V and utilizes direct voltage output to ensure consistent draws. 


Firing the Uwell Caliburn is simple due to the Dual firing mechanism. The Dual firing mechanism allows the Caliburn to be fired by using the button located on the front of the device or by only taking a puff. The firing button is also used to turn the Caliburn on an off, by pressing the button five times rapidly in succession. Below the firing button, there is an led indicator light that displays the current charge levels. 


When Caliburn's charge is above 60% of the light will be green when the device is between 30%-60% charge, the led light will be blue, and when the battery is lower than 30%, the indicator will be red, and the Caliburn will need to be charged. The Uwell Caliburn can be charged via the micro USB slot located at the bottom of the device and has a maximum charging current of 1A. 


The Caliburn also features several safety mechanisms built into the device, such as 10-second cutoff protection, short circuit protection, low power alert, and draw-activated fault diagnosis. The draw activated fault diagnosis allows the device to still function via the firing button if the draw-activated firing mechanism fails. On the side of the device, two dual slotted airflow ports provide a tight draw similar to combustibles that are utterly satisfying.


The Uwell Caliburn pods are the only pods that will work with the Caliburn. The feature a 2ml capacity and can be used with either nicotine salts, whole tobacco alkaloids, or low mg nicotine e-juices. Filling the pods is easy due to the top fill design that prevents leakage and is capped off with the drip tip once filled. To fill your pod correctly, make sure that the e-juice is filled up to the minimum fill line and that it never goes below this level. If your e-juice gets below the minimum fill line, you run the risk of burning out your Caliburn pod and will have to replace it eventually.  Each pod has a resistance of 1.4ohms and features a gold-plated magnetic connection that snaps into place for an ingenious plug and plays design. If you maintain your pods, they should be good for at least five refills.


Each Uwell Caliburn 11W Pod System comes with 2 Uwell Replacement pod Cartridges, 1 Uwell Caliburn Pod Battery, one micro USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. The Uwell Caliburn comes in Iris Purple, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, and Blue. If you?ve been on the fence about picking up a new pod system, do yourself a favor and pick up the Uwell Caliburn, you won't regret it!

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