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Getting Started With Vaping


What is the Difference Between E-liquid, E-Juice, and Vape Juice?

E-juice, also known as e-liquid is the liquid that is put into an electronic cigarette. E-liquid delivers an aerosol of vapor that is inhaled to provide nicotine. You can vaporize e-liquid using a tank, RDA, or RDTA, that is attached to a battery powered vape mod, or through via a pod system. There is no difference between e-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice. However, there is a difference between the types of nicotine may use; such as freebase nicotine, Whole tobacco alkaloids, and WTA's. You can read more about the difference between the three types of nicotine that we offer here.

What is WTA Nicotine?

WTA's emulate the effect of cigarettes by including both the primary alkaloid, nicotine, as well as the background alkaloids that naturally occur in the tobacco plant: nornicotine, anatabine, and anabasine. Alkaloids are the nitrogenous compounds found in almost all plants and in many cases interact in some way with the human body, background alkaloids are the ones found in smaller amounts. By including the full spectrum of the tobacco plant's alkaloids and in the same ratio, WTA's help to provide a complete vaping experience: the stimulating effect of nicotine is modified by the background alkaloids to create an overall effect that is both stimulating and relaxing.). If WTA's seem like they are what you need to make your transition from smoking, you can purchase them here. If you would like even more detailed information on what WTA's are and why we provide them, you can find a more detailed explanation here.

What is Om Vapor’s VG/PG ratio?

The VG/PG ratio for our juices is 75VG/25PG in all lines, except for our nic salts which are 60VG/40 PG and our WTA Lines and Fayette Reserve lines which we mix at 70VG/30PG. We have 50/50 VG/PG available for registered wholesale clients but do not offer them for sale on our site.

What is Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol?

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are polyol compounds that are thick, colorless, and unscented liquids. They are used in everyday products such as shampoos, chapsticks, ice cream, and even inhalers!

The scientific name of propylene glycol is propane-1,2-diol and is slightly sweet. Propylene glycol is commonly used in inhalers.

The scientific name of Vegetable glycerin is propane-1,2,3-triol, and it is a sweet tasting, non-toxic liquid that has been extensively used in the food industry.

What PG/VG Ratio is Best for Vaping?

The Vg/PG ratio that is best for you comes down to personal preference and the device that you are using. VG/PG Ratios of 70/30 and up are best used for sub-ohm vaping. Typically, the higher you go up in VG, the thicker the cloud becomes, and the vapor becomes less flavorful. Most of our line fall in between 70/30 VG/PG and 75/30 VG/PG. Our customers believe that this is the be ratio for a good balance between flavor and clouds.

In low wattage devices such as pod systems, VG/PG ratios of 60/40 our preferred and we've mixed our high-nicotine products such as nic salts and WTA's at just the right proportion to be compatible with all pod devices.

What is Nicotine and does it have the potential to be dangerous?

Nicotine is a potent stimulant that is usually consumed through tobacco and found within the nightshade family of plants, which include tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, cauliflower, and many more fruits and vegetables. 

Nicotine is a parasympathomimetic stimulant in mammals when taken in small doses, but in single doses higher than 50 mg can be very dangerous.

What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl is an organic compound that ranges from yellow to green in color. Diacetyl is used in butter flavorings added to popcorn. A microwave popcorn plant that was investigated by the NIOSH found that a small percentage of workers developed bronchiolitis. This is how the name" Popcorn Lung" was coined and as result diacetyl was removed from the butter flavoring present in popcorn.

All of our e-liquids are tested not only for diacetyl but acetoin and acetyl propionyl. 

With this being said, even vapes that contain diacetyl have 1000's of times less of it than traditional cigarettes.

How Do I Find Out Nicotine Strength is right for Me?

Each vapers needs vary greatly based on their levels of nicotine dependence and the device that they use. As an overall guideline if you find it hard to stay away from cigarettes, then you should up your nicotine levels if you find that your e-liquid is too harsh or you are unable to taste the flavors in your vape then you should step your nicotine levels down.

Cigarettes per Day Recommended Nicotine Level
Occasional Smoker 0-1.5mg
1-5 Cigarettes a Day 1.5-3mg
Half a Pack a Day 3-6mg
Pack a Day 6mg or 12mg-24mg(WTA's or Nic Salts)
More than a Pack a Day 24-48mg(WTA's/Nic Salts)


Why does my juice change colors?

E-liquid changes colors for multiple reasons; it is normal. After steeping, you will notice the color of your juice becoming slightly darker in color. Steeping is a reaction that comes from flavor compounds mixing, with the nicotine. E-liquid can also change in color due to exposure to UV light.

As time goes on, your juice will get darker, but the quality of your experience will not be affected.

Where should I store my e-liquid?

We recommend storing e-liquid in a climate below 80° F and never in direct sunlight.

What is The Shelf Life of Your Vape Juice?

The shelf life may vary depending on the flavoring materials used in a particular flavor, as well as the milligram concentration. We can confidently say that all our juices will stay fresh for a twelve-month minimum if you store them in proper conditions. Higher the nicotine concentrations tend to expire more quickly than lower levels of nicotine.


Common Questions about Our Services


Do you guys offer free samples of e-juice?

The answer is no, and we have samples for sale for each Umba and OM Vapors products that we carry. We do not offer free samples because due to the FDA regulations, it is against the law to give away tobacco products for free :(

Can I Substitute The Flavors or Nicotine Concentrations in Sample Packs?

No, we do not make substitutions on the flavors in sample packs. We can only send out the flavors and specified mg concentrations that you order. If you are looking to create your sample pack, first-time customers may pick up to ten 10 ml bottle at only $1 each for their first three orders. Click here to get started sampling our flavors!

Do you do custom labels or custom flavorings?

We do not do any custom labels or juice mixtures. If you would like to mix your concentrates or give our flavors a “boost,” check out our DIY page where we offer the stuff needed to do these things.


I don’t like the flavor I ordered, what do I do?

We understand there is always a risk when ordering e-liquid online from an unknown company. We also understand that taste is subjective; for this reason, we offer all of our e-liquid as samples so that you can get a feel for our brand. Some people will rave about flavors, and others may find them appalling. We do our best to craft flavors to fit everyone’s liking but sometimes may fall short. If you are a first time customer and you recently ordered an e-liquid that you didn’t particularly care for, send us an email to [email protected] with the flavor name, concentrate, batch # and ‘bottled on’ date(all located on the bottle’s label). We will do our best to accommodate our customers.

When I tried your juice, it tasted like burnt popcorn, why is that?

I can assure you that we do not manufacture a “burnt popcorn” flavor, so if this happens to describe the taste when you are vaping our juice, we recommend changing your coils. If you are using an RDA, try modifying your cotton. Before sending us an email or calling in with your concern, please take the time to double check your hardware and settings at which you are vaping.

Remember our juices are high VG, so they taste best out of highly-rated sub-ohm tank or RDA.

Does Vape Juice Melt Plastic Tanks

Some e-liquid flavors melt plastic tanks. Typical "tank cracking" flavors are citrus flavors, cinnamon, lemon, anise, and orange flavorings.


Diy Vape Juice Questions


How do you make DIY Vape Juice?

Diy E-juice is a combination of PG, VG, and flavor options of your choice. You add nicotine to products yourself, but this requires a great deal of caution and is only suggested for experienced mixers. We provide pre-mixed flavoring for all of our flavor profiles, as well as diluted nicotine, bottles and many other tools that can get you started on your DIY adventures. 

What is steeping?

When people speak of steeping, they refer to the natural oxidation process that allows all the ingredients within your vape juice to reach their peak flavor. Steeping is just waiting for you e-juice to mature to its full flavor. Steeping is when you store your e-liquid in a cool, dark place for 1-2 weeks.

We also recommend shaking up your e-liquid daily and uncapping it for a couple of hours out of the day to allow more oxygen to get to you e-juice, to expedite the process. This method will enable flavor compounds to break down and mix proportionately to give you the best flavor possible.

Typically fruity flavors take the least amount of time to steep and can be ready as up to a week after producing, bakery, custard, and tobacco flavors may take up to 8 weeks to reach their full potential.

Most of our e-liquid is pre-steeped. You can check the born on date of our juice by looking at the side of the bottle.

Om Vapors takes excellent care to make sure the vast majority of our e-juices are pre-steeped without charging an extra premium, unlike other manufacturers.

What is Pre-steeped Vape Juice?

Pre-steeped vape juice is vape juice that has reached its profiles full maturity. We pre-steep our e-liquid using a proprietary industry-leading process that keeps your juice fresh to order. This way our customers can try our e-juice right out of the mail without wasting valuable time. At Om, we take the hassle out of vaping!

What Ratio Should I mix My Flavor Concentrates with My Nicotine Base?

Depending on how stout you like your flavor, we recommend 15%-25% flavoring concentrate and 85%-75% base.


The E-liquid FAQ didn't Answer My Question, What Do I Do?

If your questions are still unanswered, to contact us for is by sending an email to [email protected] or giving us a call at (828)-668-2732. We strive to answer all inquiries within 24-48 hours. Our business hours (Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm EST).





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