Wi-Pod by Smoking Vapor
Wi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

Wi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

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Wi-Pod Starter Kit by Smoking Vapor

The Wi-Pod Starter Kit is a sleek and stylish herbal vaporizer designed and engineered by the American based vaporizer company Smoking Vapor. The Wi-Pod System measures at a compact 63mm(H) x 26mm(L) x 14mm(W) and features a chassis made out of durable and lightweight polymers. Smoking Vapors Wi-Pod features like many new ultra-portable vaporizers. The Wi-Pod features an all-in-one pod system design and utilizes a button-less draw activated firing mechanism. The Wi-Pod can be turned off and on by pressing the power button located on the bottom of the device three times in a row.

 In addition to this, for those of us looking to draw less attention to our vaporization habits, the Wi-Pod can be used in stealth mode. While stealth mode may sound like some secret agent cloaking system, it merely prevents the device from lighting up while being used. To change your Wi-Pod to stealth mode, simply hold the power button located on the bottom of the device down for three seconds until the light flashes twice. To deactivate stealth mode, all you have to do is follow the same steps that you used to turn it on. Stealth mode will not only save you battery but help you feel more comfortable vaping if you don?t want to attract any unnecessary attention.

The Wi-Pod Vape System is equipped with a 350mAh battery, and although it's not considered high capacity by any means, it does get the job done. In addition to this, the Wi-Pod features a voltage output range of 3.0V-4.2V and three unique power modes. Whenever you take a puff from the device, the led battery life indicator on the front of the mod will be either blue, purple, or red. When the led light is blue, it means that the device is operating off of a full charge, which is 3.7V. When the led flashes purple, the battery is at a 50% charge and is between 3.4V-3.7V. Finally, when the led indicator is red, that means that you Wi-Pod's battery is below 3.4V and needs to be charged immediately.

Like many other pod systems, the Wi-Pod Starter kit utilizes refillable pods. The coil resistance is 1.25ohm, and rather than using cotton, each pod is equipped with a ceramic coil. Ceramic coils tend to heat up much more quickly than metallic coils and, as a result, help to save battery life. In addition to being more efficient, ceramic coils also provide a ton of flavor and vapor production. Each pod features a hefty 1ml capacity and can be refilled easily using the Wi-Pod's conveniently placed side-filling port. In addition to this, each pod features Smoking Vapor's patented OAS Airflow System, to prevent leaks and provide the best vaping experience possible. 

Last but not least, the Wi-Pod System Kit features many standard protections such as 10 Second Cut-Off Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Low Resistance Protection, and Overheating Protection. If you are looking for an ultra-portable, resilient, well-crafted alternative vaporizer, the Wi-Pod by Smoking VaporVapor is for you! ?Breathe Easy? Om Fam, and remember to keep your mind elevated. ;)


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Wi-Pod Starter Kit Beginners Guide: How To Fill The Wi-Pod Starter Kit With Concentrates or Thick Oils

  1. To fill your Wi-pod Cartridge with thick oil, remove the cartridge from your device and open the cover. Inject the distillate directly into the chambered slot and replace the cap.

  2. Let the pod sit for five minutes so that the coil is wicked properly.

  3. Insert the cartridge into the Wi-Pod battery.

  4. Turn the device on or off by pressing the button located on the bottom of the device three times. The led window light will flash three times when the device is successfully turned on or off.

  5. The Wi-pod is airflow-activated. To start vaping, inhale, and the window light will turn on to indicate the firing mechanism has been activated.

Wi-Pod Stealth Mode

To activate stealth mode, located the power button on the bottom of the device and hold for three seconds. The light will flash two times to indicate stealth mode has been activated. Once stealth mode is enabled, the led window light will no longer illuminate while inhaling. To deactivate stealth mode, hold the button again for three seconds until the light flashes two times.

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