Mixed Berry Toaster Strudel E-Juice 100ml - The Wild One by Om Vapors
Mixed Berry Toaster Strudel E-Juice 100ml - The Wild One by Om Vapors

Mixed Berry Toaster Strudel E-Juice 100ml - The Wild One by Om Vapors

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Wildberry Strudel

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Mixed Strawberry Toaster Strudel Vape Juice The Wild One - Created By Om Vapors

Take a walk on the wild side with our Strudel Vape Juice, The Wild One! The Wild One was originally going to be a cannoli e-juice. Still, since cannoli vape juices were over saturating the market at the time, we decided we could make a super strudel e-liquid instead! 

The wild one's flavor profile is based on a wildberry strudel. I had always loved toaster pastries growing up and still eat them consistently today, so I embarked on creating a gourmet toaster strudel vape.  There are two integral parts to a strudel, a candied fruit filling, and a layered pie crust. The berry filling in The Wild One is a contains a mix of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry. The filling is masterfully baked into a thin, crisp and buttery layered pastry puff crust, topped with cream cheese icing.

During the initial stages of creating The Wild One, we used a strawberry filling, during the first attempt at creating the base flavor for our first e-juice. Since many of our tastes already contained strawberry flavoring, we decided that making a strawberry strudel e-liquid wasn?t in our best interest. True to The Wild One's name, I decided to go crazy and create a blend of berry flavorings. One the berry filling component of the recipe was completed, I knew that we had a winner. Years late, the Wild One still can't be, and our wild berry strudel vape is a fan and staff favorite alike!

During the inhale, the main flavor notes that you will notice a pleasantly sweet a lovely, and almost unnoticeably tart, candied berry filling. The filling is a balanced mix of Strawberry, Raspberry, blackberry, and blueberries. The mixture has a very light cheesecake note that compliments the berry filling. On the exhale, you taste the flaky and buttery pie crust. The pie crust, however, isn't a thick pie crust like you find in any of our pie flavored vape juices, it is thin and intricately layered. The final and perhaps most crucial element is the cream cheese icing that adds a delicious sugary glaze into the mix. If you like strudel e-juices, you'll go crazy for the Wild One!

Mixed Strawberry Toaster Strudel E-juice The Wild One's Product Features:

  • Flavor Profile: Wildberry Strudel with a flaky layered crust and cream cheese icing

  • VG to PG Ratio: 75/25 

  • Bottle Size: 120 ml

  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 1.5, 3, and 6 mg

  • Childproof dropper cap

  • Ldpe bottle for easy e-liquid dispensing

  • Manufactured in the United States

  • Made with USP Grade Nicotine 99.5%+

  • Kosher Vg and PG

  • Made with American and European Flavor Concentrates

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